1. Loan / financing amount is a difference between the current qualification (by position) and the amount taken on the purchase of the previous property, excluding the Premium Mortgage Policy and the Premium of the Home Policy.
  2. For Borrower / Beneficiary who has taken Loan / Financing Type 1 and 5, 5 years from the date of approval letter but 6 months before retirement. For Type 2 and 3 Loans / Financing of applicants, must be submitted after 5 years from the date of issue of 95%, but 6 months before retirement.
  3. Applicants with outstanding loan repayment are not eligible for a loan.
  4. Loan / Financing is only allowed once.
  5. Loans / Financing can not be mixed with other types of Loans / Financing.
  6. The refund period is no more than 25 years, including the remaining unpaid repayment period. For Applicants who choose EPF’s Fixed and EPF Scheme, the refund period before the retirement date is mandatory.
  7. Betting Holder is required.
  8. Loan application must be submitted before renovation begins.
  9. Payment will be made in the name of Betting Holder.
  10. Where a Title has a 2nd Chargee other than Government, the authorization of the 2nd Chargee shall be obtained first by the Borrower / Receiver of the Fees where the authorization letter shall be enclosed together with the Application Form.
  11. Application for Evaluation Report should be submitted to the Ministry of Finance’s Assessment and Services Office nearest to property according to Form 1/2000.
  12. In the case of a loan repayment / existing housing loan which has yet to be fully settled, the Loan Scheme shall be in accordance with the existing Loan Scheme ie if the outstanding loan is SPPP, the application for the modification of the work shall be SPPP also, shall not apply for SPPPI, and vice versa.
  13. Payment Claims to be submitted in Form 5/2000 (Make a copy sufficiently if the claim is paid more than once). Renovation works worth RM 50,000 and below shall be made only once and endorsed by the Ministry of Finance Valuation and Property Services Department.
  14. The Loan / Financing Offer only comes into force after the Borrower / Beneficiary completed the Loan Acceptance / Financing Form (Appendix E) and returned to BPPP.


Payment issuance is as follows: –

  1. In the case of a previous loan repayment case settled:
    1. The Pledge from Betting Holder Form 4A / 2000 OR Form 4B / 2000 was completed and submitted to BPPP;
    2. Property has been charged to the Government of Johor / Submission has been completed or at least submit the Presentation Number or Registration Number
  2. Payment claims submitted according to format 5/2000 are subject to: -Payment on behalf of Betting Holder.
    1. For loans of more than RM 50,000, the number of claims not exceeding 4 times, where the final claim must be verified by the Department of
      Assessment and Property Services;
    2. Claims for loans amounting to RM50, 000 and below only and verified by the Department of Assessment and Property Services.
  3. The Mortgage Protection Premium is issued when the completed Appendix E is received, while the Home Premium Premium payment is issued, when the work is completed 100%


Form 1-2000 - Application for Evaluation Report

Borang 1-2000 - Permohonan Laporan Penilaian

Form 2-2000 - Letter of Acceptance Through Reward

Borang 2-2000 - Surat Setuju Penyelesaian Melalui Ganjaran

Form 3A-2000 - Legal firm certification

Borang 3A-2000 - Perakuan firma guaman

Form 3A-2000 - Assignment Case Assignment

Borang 3A-2000 - Akujanji Pemegang Pertaruhan (Assignment Case)

Form 4B-2000 - Legal firm certification

Borang 4B-2000 - Perakuan firma guaman

Borang 4B-2000 – Akujanji Pemegang Pertaruhan (Assignment Case1)

Borang 4B-2000 - Akujanji Pemegang Pertaruhan (Assignment Case1)

Form 15-2000 -Apply Confirmation of Claims

Borang 15-2000 -Pengesahan Keupayaan Menjelaskan Wang

Form-spppi-2000 - Housing Financing Application Form

Borang-spppi-2000 - Borang Permohonan Pembiayaan Perumahan