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Plan, manage and implement monetary and budgetary policies towards a strong state financial position and rapid socio-economic growth and the distribution of fair development benefits across the country.

Strive to provide a proactive, professional and committed workforce in meeting customers’ needs by implementing efficient management.

Make State Treasury a quality and professional government agency in state financial management in line with the aspiration to become an efficient government.

To ensure that financial management at the center level and agencies are implemented efficiently and effectively in addition to providing quality financial information quickly and orderly, the State Treasury of Johor has designed the following strategies: –

  1. Develop and prepare balanced Finance and State Budget Policies.
  2. Monitor and ensure that state revenue collection reaches maximum levels.
  3. To supervise and effectively manage State Government investments.
  4. To supervise the State Government loan with Federal Government and State Government loans to Local Authorities and State Statutory Bodies.
  5. Monitor and control state spending to avoid wastage and misappropriation.
  6. Manage and efficiently manage allocation arrangements to Departments in order to increase the Government’s basic services within a timely manner.
  7. To oversee the management of department and agency stores and to control the disposal of state assets through effective systems.
  8. Provide advice to Government Departments and agencies on all matters pertaining to financial management.
  9. Take action to coordinate, monitor and obtain feedback and ensure follow-up action has been made on Audit answering.
  10. Improve the skills of departmental personnel including information technology and communication and leadership.
  11. Create and develop information systems and ensure that the flow of information is effective in helping to manage the state’s financial management


Our commitment is:

  • Provide proper State Budget Book and Amount of script sufficient 14 days before the date of the State Legislative Assembly.
  • Submit State Government Financial Statements to State Auditor Heads before 31 May.
  • Processing Applications As follows:
  • Introduction – 5 Working Days
  • Entertainment Duty Exemption – Working 6 Days
  • Disposals / Disposals – 30 Working Days
  • Housing Loans – 6 Weeks
  • Process and issue:
  • Receipt of Treasury Receipts – 14 Working Days
  • Payment Receipt Receipt – Immediate
  • The tender offer is decided within 30 working days from the date of receipt.

Organizational Chart

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Officers and Staff of the Johor State Treasury Office 2018 list

Section List


  1. Coordinate and monitor state revenue collection
  2. Plan efforts to increase state revenue
  3. Look for new sources of state revenue
  4. Provide returns and results financial reports
  5. Analyze revenue information from state government agencies and make future revenue expectations


  1. Provide budget circular
  2. Manage and prepare annual budget preparation process for MMK and State Assembly approval and annual budget book
  3. Make new application requests, additional provisions, transfer provisions and provide MMK papers to the Board
  4. Review the State Government’s financial performance from time to time


  1. Planning, controlling and maintaining investment transactions and investment accounting records for the State Government
  2. Review and monitor investments made by the State Government agencies and provide reports / views to management to enhance the transparency of financial management of investments


  1. Procurement of State departments / Consultants Appointments
  2. Scheduled Management of the State Tender Board Meeting
  3. Management approval of Appointment Appointment of State Departments consultants


  1. Secretariat Admin & feedback for; – Management of the State Integrity Committee Meeting, – Management of the State Financial Management Committee Meeting, – Finance of the State Council Meeting, MMK, State / Federal Liaison Committee Meeting.
  2. Application for Entertainment Duty Exemption
  3. Leadership Circulars / Application AP8 (a) and others


  1. Administration: Mail office management card, file system, Department Annual Report.
  2. Services: Personnel Management Services & promotion, updating personal information in SISPEN Department.
  3. Finance: Regulatory management of department, management of pay / vot management and local ordering.


  1. Manage departmental computer facilities
  2. Hardware maintenance 1SPEKS
  3. Training 1SPEKS


  1. Management of the preparation of the annual Auditor-General’s annual memorandum and to provide departments feedback on the Auditor-General’s Report.
  2. Management of departments feedback on the recommendations and PAC reports (Johor State Records Committee).
  3. The collection of feedback from the units involved with the auditing of financial statements and financial management based on the Accountability Index (AI) before being submitted to the National Audit Department within the stipulated period.
  4. Act as secretariat for the Annual Audit Board.
  5. Carry out departmental checks for at least 6 months.
  6. Act as secretariat of the Exit Conference of State Auditor-General’s Report.
  7. Review and monitor the implementation of the Financial and Account Management Committee (JPKA) of the state departments and agencies.
  8. Review and monitor government grants to the Mukim Management Committee (JPMM).


  1. Processing payroll based on the dates set by the Accountant General
  2. Process separate vouchers for salaries and overtime allowances by client charter
  3. Review and endorse derivative pensions for Assemblyman
  4. Review and endorse the Final Salary Certificate for State Government employees


  1. Processing payments on claims submitted by the department and the Center for Responsibility (PTJ)
  2. Provide payment checks and execute delivery and check-checking transactions
  3. Store document-support for audit checks Create a voucher for PTJ payments vouchers


  1. Preparation of the Johor State Public Statement
  2. Prepare a Bank Adjustment Statement
  3. Checking statements submitted by the department / PTJ involves Trust Account, Revenue Account, and Spending Account Approve Adjustments via Journal


  1. Investment Management in fixed deposits
  2. Entertainment Tax Exposure Management
  3. Office Administration Management
  4. Property Duty Management


  1. Review and approve the Collector’s Statement
  2. Submitting official receipts to the Department and PTJ
  3. Obtain statements from the bankers to be accounted for
  4. Adjustment of bank receipts


  1. Ensure that the results have been properly collected according to the rates passed through a law or regulations.
  2. Ensure that the official receipt is issued for every public receipt unless the existing amount is printed on licenses, tickets and so on.
  3. Ensuring the perfect internal control of revenue collection as well as forms of receipts and other regulated forms are used in sequential serial numbers.
  4. Ensure that cash has been properly dealt with in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Procedure Act 1957, Treasury Directives or certain Regulations.
  5. Ensure that only authorized personnel collect and maintain revenue collection.

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